A fully free, stable, secure, simple, lightweight and long-term support distribution

You've reached the website for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre operating system. The Hyperbola Project is a community driven effort to provide a fully free (as in freedom) operating system that is stable, secure, simple, lightweight that tries to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) under a Long Term Support (LTS) way.

Derived from Arch plus stability and security from Debian, Hyperbola provides packages from it that meet the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG) and replacements for the packages that don't meet this requirement. Packages are provided for the i686 and x86_64 architectures.

Our community is friendly and helpful. Please hop on IRC channel and check out our forums and mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki if you want to learn more about Hyperbola.

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End of OpenSSL support


As LibreSSL follow the same goals than our packaging guidelines in stability and security concerns, we have decided to remove OpenSSL and use LibreSSL as our default provider of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. The decision means that the Milky Way v0.2 will be the last version supporting OpenSSL.

LibreSSL is a version of the TLS/crypto stack forked from OpenSSL in 2014, with goals of modernizing the codebase, improving security, and applying best practice development processes.

It was forked from the OpenSSL in April 2014 as a response by OpenBSD developers to the Heartbleed security vulnerability in OpenSSL, with the aim of refactoring the OpenSSL code so as to provide a more secure implementation.

To ease the transition, OpenSSL support will remain in the stable repositories for the time being, while we are removing it in the White Hole version. As of Milky Way v0.3 release, OpenSSL support will be completely removed without further notice.

Further details:

Milky Way v0.2.2 install medium release


We hereby announce a new revision of Hyperbola live image and HyperTalking for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. This revision contains bugfixes such as UEFI boot mode.

Download information can be found here.

Thank you Crazytoon - you will be missed


It is with great sadness to inform that Crazytoon, who was one of the Hyperbola founders, author of GNU and Bola characters, ex-Parabola artist, and Free Software and Free Culture activist, has passed on earlier today, December 26th at 4:40 AM UTC, at the age of 60.

On September 30th, he suffered 2 cerebral aneurysms and intracranial haemorrhages. Surgery was made October 13th and he entered into coma until November 1st. On November 10th, he suffered 2 cerebral strokes and lost all possibility of recovering his health. He proceeded to have catatonic stupor state, hard convulsions, continuous high pressure ...

Milky Way v0.2.1 install medium release


We hereby announce a new revision of Hyperbola live image and HyperTalking for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. This revision contains bugfixes such as our Arch keyring replacement called arch-keyring which will solve the Arch keyring issues.

Download information can be found here.

Hyperbola receives a build server donation


We want to thank Luke R. (Gaming4JC) for donating a build server to further the development of Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. It will allow us to build packages faster and maintain future ports such as Hyperbola GNU/Hurd and new architectures.

Márcio Silva (coadde) received it after some delay of delivery caused by mail services, but he is working to prepare the build system for our next version, Milky Way v0.3.

The new server specifications include:

  • KFSN4-DRE motherboard
  • AMD Opteron 2218 Dual Core 2.6GHz OSA2218GAA6CQ Socket F 1207 CPU Processor (x2)
  • 16 GiB (4x4 GiB 240p PC2-5300 CL5 Registered ...

Older News

filesystem 2017.03-2.hyperbola5 upgrade requires manual intervention
Milky Way v0.2 install medium release
Milky Way v0.2 release
Hyperbola rejects all email domains under global mass surveillance from the mailing lists
Hyperbola aliases its stable releases using galaxy names as codenames
HyperTask and HyperForum are functional now
The mailing lists are functional now
End of systemd support
Install medium 2017.07.14 release
Stable v0.1 release

Recent Updates in White Hole Version(more)

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openldap 2.4.44-4.hyperbola3 i686/x86_64
glibc 2.25-1.hyperbola6 i686/x86_64
elasticsearch 5.4.0-2.hyperbola2 any
xe-guest-utilities 6.2.0-2.hyperbola2 i686/x86_64
lsb-release 1.4-14.hyperbola3 any
logrotate 3.12.1-1.hyperbola1 i686/x86_64
libvirt 3.2.0-2.hyperbola5 i686/x86_64
tp_smapi-lts 0.42-12.hyperbola4 i686/x86_64
vhba-module-lts 20161009-1.hyperbola4 i686/x86_64
bbswitch-lts 0.8-31.hyperbola4 i686/x86_64
acpi_call-lts 1.1.0-42.hyperbola4 i686/x86_64
linux-libre-lts 4.9.82_gnu-1 i686/x86_64
salt 2016.11.4-1.hyperbola2 any
matrix-synapse 0.20.0-1.hyperbola2 any
mailman 2.1.23-2.hyperbola2 i686/x86_64