A fully free, stable, secure, simple, lightweight and long-term support distribution

You've reached the website for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre operating system. The Hyperbola Project is a community driven effort to provide a fully free (as in freedom) operating system that is stable, secure, simple, lightweight that tries to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) under a Long Term Support (LTS) way.

Derived from Arch plus stability and security from Debian, Hyperbola provides packages from it that meet the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG) and replacements for the packages that don't meet this requirement. Packages are provided for the i686 and x86_64 architectures.

Our community is friendly and helpful. Please hop on IRC channel and check out our forums and mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki if you want to learn more about Hyperbola.

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Site Maintenance


We apologize for the website and mailing list down-time which is still affecting some regions. Our hosting and DNS provider, Gandi, has recently raised many privacy concerns and is demanding Photo ID to continue using their services. As such, we are changing our web hosting provider to a more privacy conscience one, 1984.is.

We have already migrated the domain name, but Gandi is still serving a stale DNSSEC record that is causing an issue with some name servers. We have requested they finish allowing us to transfer the domain and stop serving the false DNSSEC records to resolve this issue. Until this issue is resolved, our mail server and ability to receive messages has also been affected.

This has caused some delay in our release for v0.3, but we still have intent to ship early to mid September once all services have been migrated. This will ensure a stable update without further interruptions.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

End of X.Org support


As Xenocara follows the same goals than our packaging guidelines in stability and security concerns, we have decided to remove X.Org and use Xenocara as our default provider of display server for the X Window System. The decision means that the Milky Way v0.2 will be the last version supporting X.Org.

Xenocara provides a framework to host OpenBSD modifications and to automate the build of the modular X.Org components, including 3rd party packages and some software maintained by OpenBSD developers.

It includes a customised X.Org X server that utilises a dedicated _x11 user by default ...

Milky Way v0.2.9 install medium release


We hereby announce a new revision of Hyperbola live image and HyperTalking for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. This revision contains bugfixes such as the updated kernel which is patched against the Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities and the defaultmetric option in ppp to fix netifrc for users who have only PPP connections.

Download information can be found here.

Hyperbola users are now mitigated against Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities


As part of our commitment to provide a fully free (as in freedom) operating system that is stable, simple and "SECURE"; we hereby announce Hyperbola users are now mitigated against recently published Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities also labelled as Zombieland (CVE-2018-12130), RIDL (Rogue In-Flight Data Load) (CVE-2018-12127 and CVE-2019-11091), and Fallout (CVE-2018-12126) which controversially Intel has considered of "Moderate" severity. These flaws, if exploited by an attacker with local shell access to a system, could allow data in the CPU's cache to be exposed to unauthorized processes. While difficult to execute, a skilled attacker could use these flaws ...

Milky Way v0.2.8 install medium release


We hereby announce a new revision of Hyperbola live image and HyperTalking for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. This revision replaces Syslinux UEFI boot manager with rEFInd and includes UEFI Shell v2 from edk2-uefi-shell package.

Download information can be found here.

Older News

Milky Way v0.2.7 install medium release
Milky Way v0.2.6 install medium release
Hyperbola is officially accepted by FSF as a Free System Distribution
UXP-Hardened-Preferences packages removed
Iceape-UXP becomes stable replaces Iceape
Milky Way v0.2.5 install medium release
Hyperbola on new hosting
Icedove-UXP becomes stable replaces Icedove
Hyperbola suspends its donation account in Liberapay
Iceweasel-UXP becomes stable replaces Iceweasel-ESR

Recent Updates in White Hole Version(more)

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fprintd 0.7.0-2.hyperbola2 i686/x86_64
rsync 3.1.3-1.hyperbola2 i686/x86_64
flatpak 0.9.10-2.hyperbola2 i686/x86_64
grafx2 2.6-2.hyperbola1.backports1 i686/x86_64
supertuxkart 0.9.2-2.hyperbola2 i686/x86_64
iceweasel-uxp 52.9.20190608-7 i686/x86_64
exim 4.92-1.hyperbola3 i686/x86_64
libspf2 1.2.10-3.hyperbola1 i686/x86_64
tcpreplay 4.3.2-1.hyperbola1.backports2 i686/x86_64
dokuwiki 20180422_b-1.hyperbola1 any
python-multidict 4.0.0-1.hyperbola1.backports1 i686/x86_64
python-websockets 7.0-2.hyperbola1.backports1 i686/x86_64
python-aiorpcx 0.18.0-1.hyperbola1.backports2 any
electrum 3.3.8-1.hyperbola1.backports2 any
python-idna_ssl 1.1.0-1.hyperbola1.backports1 any