A fully free, stable, secure, simple, lightweight and long-term support distribution

You've reached the website for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre operating system. The Hyperbola Project is a community driven effort to provide a fully free (as in freedom) operating system that is stable, secure, simple, lightweight that tries to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) under a Long Term Support (LTS) way.

Derived from Arch plus stability and security from Debian, Hyperbola provides packages from it that meet the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG) and replacements for the packages that don't meet this requirement. Packages are provided for the i686 and x86_64 architectures.

Our community is friendly and helpful. Please hop on IRC channel and check out our forums and mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki if you want to learn more about Hyperbola.

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Milky Way v0.4.1 install medium release


We hereby announce a new revision of Hyperbola live image for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. With this new version we have removed support for Hypertalking, fixed, updated and added many packages.

Download information can be found here.

No support for projects with freedom flaws


Some projects and applications make usage of a different approach for licensing and have even additional serious flaws included. Therefore it is very hard or even impossible to include them within a full freedom-oriented system like Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre and HyperbolaBSD. Therefore to note that we cannot support those, naming Rust for its problematic trademarks and Chromium being nonfree in many aspects.

Further details:

End of D-Bus support


With the release Milky Way v0.4 all parts of D-Bus got completely removed and all included packages within our repositories were selected to be completely usable without any message-oriented middleware and framework. We don't plan to integrate any further support for the framework also in the future for upcoming versions of Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre and HyperbolaBSD.

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Last remnants of systemd removed


As systemd doesn't follow our Social Contract, we have decided to remove it since Milky Way v0.2. Using a snapshot taken we had remnants of systemd and correspdoning files in packages. With Milky Way v0.4 and beyond all parts of systemd got finally removed as the system was built from the ground up without any further snapshot.

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End of Java / OpenJDK support


We have removed Java / OpenJDK partwise in the last phases of Milky Way v0.3. Nevertheless Milky Way v0.4 does not include furthermore any package based onto Java / OpenJDK and we won't support it also in the future for upcoming versions of Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre and HyperbolaBSD. The reasoning is therefore: Java has its complete downfalls based onto security-problems, trademark-issues and poor quality of packaging.

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Older News

Milky Way v0.4 install medium release
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Recent Updates in White Hole Version(more)

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hblock 3.4.0-1 any
tblock 2.3.0-1 any
i2pd 2.42.1-1 i686/x86_64
bmkdep 20140112-1 i686/x86_64
bmake 20200710-1 i686/x86_64
libretools 20170505-5 any
mk-configure 0.37.0-1 any
distcc 3.4-1 i686/x86_64
fceux 2.6.4-1 i686/x86_64
fuglu 1.1.0-2 any
i686-unknown-hyperbolabsd-gcc 8.4.0-5 i686/x86_64
x86_64-unknown-hyperbolabsd-gcc 8.4.0-5 i686/x86_64
i686-unknown-hyperbolabsd-binutils 2.34-4 i686/x86_64
x86_64-unknown-hyperbolabsd-binutils 2.34-4 i686/x86_64
php 7.4.28-1 i686/x86_64