Hyperbola Founders

This is a list of the Hyperbola Founders. They are the people who have undertaken some or all of the work needed to create the Hyperbola Project.

Image for Emulatorman

André Silva

Alias: Emulatorman
Email: emulatorman@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Freenode: Emulatorman | Tox: emulatorman@toxme.io | Ring: ring:emulatorman
PGP Key: 0xF9704456
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder and Developer
Occupation: Operating System Designer and Kernel Developer
Birth Year: 1986
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Galician
Interests: Free Software, Ecology
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for Catira


Alias: Catira
Email: catira@hyperbola.info
Other Contact:
PGP Key: Unknown
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder
Birth Year:
Location: Brazil
Favorite Distros:
Image for Crazytoon


Alias: Crazytoon
Email: crazytoon@hyperbola.info
Other Contact:
PGP Key: 0x462F5D11
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder, Cartoonist and Animator
Occupation: Cartoonist and Animator
Birth Year: 1957
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese and Spanish
Interests: Ecology, Free Software, Cartoon, Cinematography, Free Art and 3D Sculpture
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for Jorginho

Jorge López

Alias: Jorginho
Email: jorginho@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: XMPP:jorginho@hyperbola.info | Freenode:Jorginho | gnusocial.net:jorginho
PGP Key: 0x9AAD00E5
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder, Developer, Wiki Editor and Translator
Occupation: GNU/Linux and Computer engineering
Birth Year: 1994
Location: Santiago de Compostela - Galicia - Spain
Languages: Galician, Spanish, Portuguese and English
Interests: Free software and GNU/Linux
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for Gaming4JC

Luke R.

Alias: Gaming4JC
Email: g4jc@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Freenode:Gaming4JC
PGP Key: 0xF64827C5
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder
Birth Year: 1992
Location: East Coast, USA
Languages: English
Interests: Christianity, Free Software/Free Culture, Computer Security, Gaming
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for coadde (Co.Ad.De.)

Márcio Silva

Alias: coadde (Co.Ad.De.)
Email: coadde@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Tox
PGP Key: 0xDDB59515
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder, Developer and Artist
Occupation: GNU Sysadmin/Security, Artist, and Game Developer
Birth Year: 1988
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish
Interests: Free Culture, Free Software, Free Hardware, Ecology, Game Development
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola