Always committed to free software and the minimization of environmental damage

Hyperbola as project was and is always oriented on technical emancipation as elemental key. Within this we also want to stay true for supporting x86-compatible, older hardware, including i686 and x86_64 architectures. This means that we also have no further interest following so-called trends as supporting older hardware makes sense for the good of our community and the good of our planet.

With this elemental point we also want to oppose those from our understanding false definitions of "progress" as users should always have the power to decide on their own and control all parts of their system, which is more and more impossible with newer hardware.

Hyperbola was and is always oriented on voluntary donations and community-driven software. In our perspective it is a failed assumption and concept granting individuals and groups more influence on a project just because of donations made or buying influence.

Further details: