Hyperbola Developers

This is a list of the current Hyperbola Developers. They maintain the [core], [extra], [community] and [multilib] repositories in accordance with the Hyperbola Packaging Guidelines, in addition to doing any other developer duties.

Image for Emulatorman

André Silva

Alias: Emulatorman
Email: emulatorman@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: IRC: Emulatorman | Tox: AF459A41CD9ACA2AC86965B8DAB73C3F938C00F307FC7079E9A080631B483A12AF0A04207EA4
PGP Key: 0xF9704456
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder and Developer
Occupation: Software Developer
Birth Year: 1986
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Galician
Interests: Free Software, Ecology
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for Megver83

David P.

Alias: Megver83
Email: megver83@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: http://wiki.parabola.nu/User:Megver83#Contact
PGP Key: 0x56B2BA78
Roles: Wiki Translator, mailing lists and forum moderator
Occupation: Pupil
Birth Year: 2002
Location: Chile
Languages: Spanish and English
Interests: Free Software, Calisthenics, Judo, Musical composition
Favorite Distros: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre, Trisquel GNU/Linux, Uruk GNU/Linux
Image for LuxFer

Héctor Tumbaco

Alias: LuxFer
Email: luxfer@hyperbola.info
Other Contact:
PGP Key: Unknown
Occupation: Student
Birth Year: 2002
Location: Manta, Manabí, Ecuador
Languages: Spanish, English
Favorite Distros:
Image for Heckyel

Jesús E.

Alias: Heckyel
Email: heckyel@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: XMPP:heckyel@jabjab.de | SIP:heckyel@sip.linphone.org
PGP Key: 0x9A315766
Roles: Hyperbola Debugger, Wiki Translator
Occupation: Free Software
Birth Year: 1992
Location: Tumbes, Perú
Languages: Spanish, English
Interests: Free as in Freedom, Science, Arts
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for biovoid

Kyle S.

Alias: biovoid
Email: biovoid@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: IRC: biovoid
PGP Key: Unknown
Occupation: Software Developer
Birth Year: 1993
Location: USA
Languages: English, Esperanto, German
Interests: Free Culture, Minimalism, Sustainability
Favorite Distros: Parabola, Hyperbola
Image for Gaming4JC

Luke R.

Alias: Gaming4JC
Email: g4jc@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Freenode:Gaming4JC
PGP Key: 0xD2F527B0
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder
Birth Year:
Location: East Coast, USA
Languages: English
Interests: Christianity, Free Software/Free Culture, Computer Security, Gaming
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for coadde (Co.Ad.De.)

Márcio Silva

Alias: coadde (Co.Ad.De.)
Email: coadde@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Tox
PGP Key: 0xDDB59515
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder, Developer and Artist
Occupation: GNU Sysadmin/Security, Artist, and Game Developer
Birth Year: 1988
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish
Interests: Free Culture, Free Software, Free Hardware, Ecology, Game Development
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for sagaracharya

Sagar Acharya

Alias: sagaracharya
Email: sagar@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Tox: B39A14EB21992B084E4165736E71BF9F9E55C08058CF35FC919781B7D1C161607299BCC10A03
PGP Key: 0x339F6842
Roles: User Experience Manager, Package Builder
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Birth Year: 1995
Location: Mumbai, India
Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi
Interests: Chess, Formula 1, Reading, Politics, Pizza, Jeet Kune Do
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola, OpenBSD, Qubes OS
Image for throgh

Tobias Dausend

Alias: throgh
Email: throgh@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Tox: 90A5E93E2D2E2CA982B923C43BA28DE498CB6D786795C65CB19AE85B30FDD5033ADEA1081CB4
PGP Key: 0x06342C39
Roles: Support, Package Builder, Community and Communication
Occupation: Software-Developer (Output-Management)
Birth Year: 1981
Location: Germany
Languages: English, German
Interests: Free Soft- and Hardware, Retro Games, Reading, Politics, Vegan, Science-Fiction-Movies and Series
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola, OpenBSD
Image for rachad


Alias: rachad
Email: rachad@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: IRC: rachad | Tox: 80F9B0DE3E70AE9DB6820979803F9B48AF043DF9A134892F3DAF273C6EADA71095A82710DF36
PGP Key: 0x129386F4
Roles: Support Forum, Software Developer
Occupation: Free Software
Birth Year: 1995
Location: Algeria
Languages: Arabic, English ,French
Interests: Freedom, Music, Truth
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola