News from Planet Hyperbola, Issue #06/2024

Hello dear interested travelers in the outer rim,

starting from now on we want to give insights into the current state of development at the start of every month. Included are for sure Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre and HyperbolaBSD. Furthermore we want also give updates what is coming for our website and also report what was changed on our wiki. Included also is the monthly financial report for Hyperbola as project.

Works on HyperbolaBSD

We are currently working on fixing our versions of binutils and gcc. Coadde as our main developer has discovered major problems in relation to our kernel HyperBK for those packages and is therefore busy to create patches so we can take the final steps on the roadmap to conclude the pre-alpha version of HyperbolaBSD as full BSD-descendant operating-system and the next step for Hyperbola as project in a whole.

Works on Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre

Our current system in usage is further in development for the next release 0.4.5. This will include not only hyperman as our own hard-fork from pacman but also a complete rework of our tools for package-building, to name here hyperbola-install-scripts and also hypertools. Throgh is also busy in reviewing many packages, so we can reduce the sizing of our ISO-image. For version 0.4.5 we will offer furthermore a tool for users creating their own local mirror.

Website for Hyperbola

We look out for helping hands so we can further migrate the forum, wiki and issue-tracker into other environments. If you have interests into please just leave us a message via IRC or forums.

Current situation on financials and donations

More details about current financial-report this month to find here.

Until the next report upcoming: Stay curious and build on Hyperbola!