Hyperbola Security Team

This is a list of the current Hyperbola Security Team. They maintain our patches imported from Debian and evaluate security threats, and produce updated packages for our stable releases.

Image for Heckyel

Jesús E.

Alias: Heckyel
Email: heckyel [at] hyperbola [dot] info
Other Contact: XMPP: heckyel [at] jabjab [dot] de | SIP: heckyel [at] sip [dot] linphone [dot] org
PGP Key: 0x9A315766
Roles: Hyperbola Debugger, Wiki Translator
Occupation: Free Software
Birth Year: 1992
Location: Tumbes, Perú
Languages: Spanish, English
Interests: Free as in Freedom, Science, Arts
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for Gaming4JC

Luke R.

Alias: Gaming4JC
Email: g4jc [at] hyperbola [dot] info
Other Contact: Freenode: Gaming4JC
PGP Key: 0xD2F527B0
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder
Birth Year:
Location: East Coast, USA
Languages: English
Interests: Christianity, Free Software/Free Culture, Computer Security, Gaming
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for coadde (Co.Ad.De.)

Márcio Silva

Alias: coadde (Co.Ad.De.)
Email: coadde [at] hyperbola [dot] info
Other Contact: IRC: coadde | Tox: 63C99A8498CEA4900ED85CB113F22C0D61566E6E2AD0EDBF8A4FD781F0691852070B2850FA7C
PGP Key: 0xDDB59515
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder, Developer and Artist
Occupation: Sysadmin, Security, Software Developer and Artist
Birth Year: 1988
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English
Interests: Free Culture, Free Software, Free Hardware Designs, Ecology, Game Development
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola