Hyperbola Members Fellows

Below you can find a list of Hyperbola ex-members such as developers, debuggers, artists, moderators, wiki admins (aka project fellows). These folks helped make Hyperbola what it is today. Thanks!

Image for Crazytoon


Alias: Crazytoon
Email: crazytoon@hyperbola.info
Other Contact:
PGP Key: 0x462F5D11
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder, Cartoonist and Animator
Occupation: Cartoonist and Animator
Birth Year: 1957
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese and Spanish
Interests: Ecology, Free Software, Cartoon, Cinematography, Free Art and 3D Sculpture
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola
Image for haricot

Scott A.

Alias: haricot
Email: haricot@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Freednode: haricot
PGP Key: 0x545AF677
Occupation: Pupil
Birth Year: 1991
Location: USA
Languages: English
Interests: Computer Science, Free Software, Mathematics
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola