News from Planet Hyperbola, Issue #07/2024

Hello dear interested travelers in the outer rim,

another month is now starting and therefore we take this opportunity to report what was and is going on for Hyperbola as project in the past month.

Works on HyperbolaBSD

Coadde has concluded the analysis for binutils and gcc: In fact the original implementation of our HyperBK uses backported assembler-instructions. So the conclusion is making it now possible also that we review the needed code for our implementation and needed backporting. With this we have now a good base for a near first working pre-alpha version of HyperbolaBSD as full BSD-descendant operating-system and the next step for Hyperbola as project in a whole. Please have also a look therefore on our roadmap for all next steps, as we refresh this on-going.

Works on Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre

Much is going on for packaging, fixing and updating. But throgh was and is also busy with more to come for further additions towards our upcoming release 0.4.5. This will also include our hard-fork hyperman and more.

Wiki and information We have released further articles for our wiki and therefore added more useful information for Hyperbola. Following up a short listing:

Cooperation and working together


Hyperbola and Commercialization

Website for Hyperbola We look out for helping hands so we can further migrate the forum, wiki and issue-tracker into other environments. If you have interests into please just leave us a message via IRC or forums.

Current situation on financials and donations

More details about current financial-report this month to find here.

Until the next report upcoming: Stay curious and build on Hyperbola!