Hyperbola Artists

This is a list of the current Hyperbola Artists. They maintain Hyperbola Artwork, including digital art, traditional art, skins for applications, customization utilities, and everything else that keeps a GNU/Linux distro for a better visualization and outreach through the free culture.

Image for coadde (Co.Ad.De.)

Márcio Silva

Alias: coadde (Co.Ad.De.)
Email: coadde@hyperbola.info
Other Contact: Tox
PGP Key: 0xDDB59515
Roles: Hyperbola Co-Founder, Developer and Artist
Occupation: GNU Sysadmin/Security, Artist, and Game Developer
Birth Year: 1988
Location: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish
Interests: Free Culture, Free Software, Free Hardware, Ecology, Game Development
Favorite Distros: Hyperbola