RSS Feeds

Several RSS feeds are available from the Hyperbola website. The majority of these are package-related and allow feeds to be customized for the updates you care about.

News and Activity Feeds

Grab the news item feed to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the Hyperbola development staff.

The HyperbolaWiki: Recent changes feed is also available to track document changes from the HyperbolaWiki.

Package Feeds

If you are interested in all package updates, then grab this feed. Note that when a package is updated for multiple architectures, you will see each individual update show up here. Alternatively, you can select a packages feed from the below table that is more tailored to your specific needs. If you are only interested in one architecture, there are a variety of feeds you can choose from. Note that feeds for a specific architecture, such as 'i686', will also include all package updates for 'any' (architecture-independent) packages.

All Arches any i686 x86_64
All Repos Feed Feed Feed Feed
Core Feed Feed Feed Feed
Extra Feed Feed Feed Feed

Release Feed

Grab the ISO release feed if you want to help seed the ISO release torrents as they come out.

Development Feeds

Subscribe to any of the following to track bug tickets and feature requests from the Hyperbola Bugtracker:

Project Activity Issues News
All Projects Feed Feed Feed
Artworks Feed Feed Feed
Documentation Feed Feed Feed
Installation media Feed Feed Feed
Packages Feed Feed Feed
Ports Feed Feed Feed
Servers Feed Feed Feed