Happy birthday Hyperbola!

We are pleased to celebrate the first Hyperbola's birthday!

One year ago, our founders began the official development of Hyperbola launching its official IRC channel in Freenode and webserver (located in Bissen, Luxembourg) on Gandi. This spawned a new era in the history of distributions by merging 2 different concepts under freedom principles; the Arch model plus the Debian development model.

A lot has happened to the project and its community in this time such as the official support to the Init Freedom Campaign, new aliases for our releases using galaxy names as codenames and a build server donation to improve our structure for future releases and new ports like Hyperbola GNU/Hurd.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our users, contributors, support staff, security team, artists, developers, and of course you.

All of you are helping to make Hyperbola a great experience and a great project! Thank you!