Hyperbola aliases its stable releases using galaxy names as codenames

Like Debian, Hyperbola uses codenames to identify different releases other than numeric versioning, and like Debian, Hyperbola has a release cycle involving different suites.

The 2 main suites in Hyperbola are, exactly like in Debian, stable and testing.

Following the Debian tradition of aliasing codenames to release names, Hyperbola will alias stable and testing to their respective release names:

Codename        Release name    Debian release          Notes
stable          milky-way       stretch                 Matching release
testing         white-hole      stretch+1               Development release

Now, stable for Hyperbola is Milky Way, and testing release name is White Hole.

After Hyperbola milky-way becomes old-stable, a new names will be chosen from the list of known nearest galaxies of the Milky Way, in ascending order of distance.