Happy anniversary and donated hardware for Hyperbola

Hyperbola is now official 6 years working as a free and libre system-distribution and project. We are happy with all the good progress made and besides that Hyperbola is also here to stay: On 15th April of 2017 the project and the idea behind was created. And on 13th July of 2017 the official v0.1 of our Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre was released. But it was not stopped there: On 15th October 2017 v0.2 found its way to be released. And after further work on 9th September 2019 our release v0.3 was final. With our release v0.4 being available on 3rd March 2022 we have made the system completely independent and since then working on this release with the goal to complete our own HyperbolaBSD.

Besides that we have also received another hardware-donation on 12th April 2023: This ThinkPad X230 will also be mainly used for testing HyperbolaBSD. Thanks towards all the people and for sure also the great current donor of the hardware: zapper! Let's develop further for freedom and technical emancipation.

Further details: