Milky Way v0.4 release

After a long and continuous period of tests and development, we are happy to announce a new release of Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre. With version 0.4, we have reached yet another major milestone: With it Hyperbola will be able to start the groundworks, per say of HyperbolaBSD. This release will serve as a transitional platform, for the continued effort to create a copyleft BSD based alternative kernel and system. For more information on this check.

Many of the commonly used frameworks that we identified as definitely not being wanted were dropped, and alternatives where packaged and included. Lumina is one example of that, when it comes to desktop enviroments, given its nondependence on D-Bus. Bluetooth is another, support has also been dropped, mostly because of the huge complexity of this codebase and derived and well-known vulnerabilities. In addition, Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre v0.4 stays further oriented towards INIT-Freedom. Therefore we have also added now experimental support for runit with the option to add also more alternatives (potentially S6). Please note at this point: This is for sure not finished and is for now marked as unstable while HyperRC stays our major focus. Again for further alignment with current roadmap. Continued direction in packaging, while previous versions used a snapshot-model the new release is now build from scratch with all packages included following the File System Hierarchy Standard.

And to conclude many if not all improvements brought you by this Project previously. Xenocara as the default display server for the X Window System, LibreSSL as the default provider of SSL and TLS protocols. Dropped support for systemd, Rust or Node.js by blacklisting main packages and related dependencies. Among many other enhancements Hyperbola has been making available to the general public through the years. Feel free to give v0.4 a tryout and give us feedback if you encounter any problems!


  • D-Bus
  • Bluetooth
  • PAM
  • systemd / elogind
  • PolicyKit
  • ConsoleKit
  • PulseAudio
  • lastly Avahi

For a complete list of changes please see Milky Way v0.4 changelog.