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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra qt-base 5.15.2-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework 2021-02-28
x86_64 Extra qt-declarative 5.15.2-2 Classes for QML and JavaScript languages 2021-02-22
x86_64 Extra qt-sensors 5.15.2-1 Provides access to sensor hardware and motion gesture recognition 2021-02-11
x86_64 Extra qt-tools 5.15.2-3 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Development Tools, QtHelp) 2021-02-28
x86_64 Extra qt-webchannel 5.15.2-1 Provides access to QObject or QML objects from HTML clients for seamless integration of Qt applications with HTML/JavaScript clients 2021-02-11
x86_64 Extra qt-x11extras 5.15.2-1 Provides platform-specific APIs for X11 2021-02-11