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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra 7kaa 2.15.6-1 Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a real-time strategy (RTS) computer game 2023-10-05
x86_64 Extra abe 1.1-2 Scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game 2024-04-12
x86_64 Extra alienblaster 1.1.0-1 Free and libre classic 2D shoot 'em up 2022-05-30
x86_64 Extra armagetronad A free and libre Tron Clone in 3D 2023-04-15
x86_64 Extra asc Advanced Strategic Command is a free and libre turn-based strategy game 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra asylum 0.3.2-2 Free and libre, surreal platform shooting game 2023-11-23
any Extra blasphemer 0.1.8-1 A free and libre dark-fantasy game 2023-04-16
x86_64 Extra blobby2 1.0-2 A beach ball game with blobs of goo 2021-09-20
x86_64 Extra blockrage 0.2.3-1 Free and libre falling block puzzle game 2023-04-15
x86_64 Extra bombermaaan A classic Bomberman-like game with multiplayer support 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra briquolo 0.5.7-2 Fast paced 3D Breakout game 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra brutalchess 0.5.2-1 Free and libre chess game inspired by 'Battle Chess'. Features full 3D graphics. 2022-10-04
x86_64 Extra bzflag 2.4.22-1 Multiplayer 3D tank battle game 2021-12-08
x86_64 Extra caph 1.1-1 Physics-based sandbox game 2023-11-23
x86_64 Extra cdogs-sdl 1.4.1-2 Enhanced, free and libre arcade game 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra cgames 2.2b-1 Collection of three ncurses-based games: csokoban (sokoban), cmines (minesweeper) and cblocks (sliding-block puzzles). 2023-01-22
x86_64 Extra chocolate-doom 3.0.1-3 Historically-accurate Doom ports 2022-09-16
x86_64 Extra chromium-bsu A fast paced top scrolling shooter 2023-12-20
x86_64 Extra crack-attack 1.1.14-2 Free and libre OpenGL game similar to Tetris Attack 2023-12-19
x86_64 Extra crimson-fields 0.5.3-1 Free and libre turn-based tactical game with a hex grid and multiplayer support 2022-11-24
x86_64 Extra crispy-doom 5.10.0-2 Vanilla-compatible enhanced Doom engine 2022-09-16
x86_64 Extra csmash 0.6.6-1 A free software 3D table tennis game 2023-04-28
x86_64 Extra darkplaces 20170829beta1-1 An advanced, free and libre 3D game engine 2023-12-02
x86_64 Extra dave-gnukem 1.0.1-1 Free and libre 2D scrolling platform shooter 2022-09-16
x86_64 Extra dreamchess 0.3.0-1 DreamChess - OpenGL Chess Game 2022-02-10
x86_64 Extra dustrac 2.1.1-2 Dust Racing 2D is a traditional top-down car racing game including a level editor 2021-09-20
x86_64 Extra egoboo 2.8.1-2 An action RPG/dungeon crawling adventure with OpenGL 3D graphics. 2021-09-20
x86_64 Extra endless-sky 0.9.14-2 A sandbox-style space exploration and combat game 2024-02-02
x86_64 Extra endless-sky-editor 0.7.10-1 Map editor for Endless Sky 2021-09-20
any Extra endless-sky-high-dpi 0.9.14-2 High DPI sprites for Endless Sky 2024-02-02
x86_64 Extra enigma 1.20-2 Free and libre puzzle game where you control a marble with the mouse 2024-02-01
x86_64 Extra eureka 1.27b-2 A free and libre map editor for the classic DOOM games 2024-04-12
x86_64 Extra extremetuxracer 0.8.3-1 Downhill racing game starring Tux 2023-06-28
x86_64 Extra fillets-ng 1.0.1-3 A wonderful puzzle game 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra flare-engine 1.14-1 Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine 2023-01-22
any Extra flare-game 1.14-1 Fantasy action-roleplaying-game using the FLARE engine 2023-02-15
x86_64 Extra flightgear 2020.3.6-2 A free software, multi-platform flight simulator 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra foobillardplus 3.43~svn170-2 An OpenGL billiard game 2023-08-09
x86_64 Extra freeblocks 0.5-1 Tetris Attack-like puzzle game 2023-04-15
x86_64 Extra freeciv 3.0.10-1 A free software, multiuser game about civilizations 2024-03-12
any Extra freedm 0.13.0-1 Free and libre game based on the Doom engine 2024-03-12
any Extra freedoom 0.13.0-1 Free and libre game based on the Doom engine 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra freedroidrpg 1.0rc3-1 Isometric 3D role playing game taking place in the future, on Earth 2023-04-13
x86_64 Extra freegish 1.53+git20170110-1 Free and libre, physics based arcade game 2022-10-04
x86_64 Extra freeorion A free, turn-based space empire and galactic conquest computer game 2021-09-20
x86_64 Extra freesiege 1.3-2 A free and libre tetris-like wargame 2022-05-12
x86_64 Extra frozen-bubble 2.212-1 A free and libre game in which you throw colorful bubbles and build groups to destroy the bubbles 2023-04-15
x86_64 Extra glob2 An innovative Real-Time Strategy game which reduces micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units 2021-12-18
x86_64 Extra gltron 0.70-1 A free software lightcycle game with a nice 3D perspective 2022-10-24
x86_64 Extra gnuchess 6.2.7-1 Play chess against the computer on a terminal and an engine for graphical chess frontends 2021-12-20
x86_64 Extra gnujump 1.0.8-1 Free and libre platform game where you have to jump up to survive 2022-07-03
x86_64 Extra gweled 0.9.1-2 A puzzle game similar to Bejeweled (aka Diamond Mine) 2021-09-20
x86_64 Extra heroes 0.21-1 Heroes is similar to the Tron and Nibbles games of yore, but includes many graphical improvements and new game features. 2022-05-19
x86_64 Extra hex-a-hop 1.1.0-2 A puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles 2021-09-20
x86_64 Extra irrlamb 1.0.1-1 3D game that probably involves a lot of physics and frustrating gameplay. 2022-09-17
x86_64 Extra jumpnbump 1.61-2 Cute, free and libre multiplayer platform game with bunnies or other figures 2022-09-17
x86_64 Extra kobodeluxe 0.5.1-1 An enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's game XKobo, an addictive space shoot'em up 2022-09-17
x86_64 Extra lbreakout2 2.6.5-1 A breakout game with nice effects, graphics, and sounds 2022-09-17
x86_64 Extra lbreakouthd 1.1.4-1 Scalable 16:9 remake of LBreakout2 2023-10-05
x86_64 Extra lgeneral 1.4.4-1 A turn-based strategy game 2022-10-04
x86_64 Extra liberation-circuit 1.3-3 A real-time strategy/programming game 2024-02-01
x86_64 Extra lincity-ng 2.0-1 A city simulation game 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra lmarbles 1.0.8-3 A game where you build figures out of colored marbles 2023-12-12
x86_64 Extra lpairs2 2.1-2 A classical memory game 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra ltris 1.2.8-1 A tetris clone where you have a bowl with blocks falling down 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra lugaru 1.2-1 A third-person action game featuring a unique close-range combat system 2022-10-04
x86_64 Extra lzdoom 3.88-4 Advanced Doom source port with OpenGL support (legacy version) 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra meandmyshadow 0.5a-1 Free and libre puzzle / platform game in which you try to reach the exit by solving tasks 2023-11-23
x86_64 Extra megaglest 3.13.0-3 A free and libre 3D real-time strategy game in a fantastic world 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra micropolis 0.0.20071228-2 Real-time, free and libre city management simulator 2022-11-24
x86_64 Extra naev 0.8.2-1 2D action/rpg space game 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra neverball 1.6.0-3 Free and libre 3D floor-tilting game 2023-12-12
any Extra nexuiz-classic 2.5.2-1 Fast-paced, free and libre 3D first-person shooter 2023-12-12
x86_64 Extra njam 1.25-2 Free and libre action game with multiplayer support 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra numptyphysics 0.3.10-2 Harness gravity with your crayon and set about creating blocks, ramps, levers, pulleys and whatever else 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra oolite 1.90-1 A space-sim based on the classic Elite 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra openarena 0.8.8-2 A multiplayer first person shooter 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra openblok 0.8.3-4 A customizable, cross platform, free and libre falling block game, packed with a bunch of features. 2023-12-20
x86_64 Extra openclonk 8.1-1 Multiplayer-action-tactic-skill game 2023-04-15
x86_64 Extra opensurge Open Surge is a fun 2D retro platformer and a game creation system 2024-02-01
x86_64 Extra opensurge-legacy Open Surge is a fun 2D retro platformer and a game creation system (legacy version) 2024-02-01
x86_64 Extra openttd 13.4-1 A free and libre transport-simulation game 2024-02-01
any Extra openttd-opengfx 7.1-2 A free and libre graphics set for OpenTTD 2024-02-01
any Extra openttd-openmsx 0.4.2-1 A free and libre music set for OpenTTD 2024-02-01
any Extra openttd-opensfx 1.0.3-1 A free and libre sound set for OpenTTD 2024-02-01
x86_64 Extra pekka-kana-2 1.2.7-2 An oldschool 2D platformer where you control a rooster called Pekka 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra penguin-command 1.6.11-1 A clone of the classic Missile Command game with improved graphics and sound 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra pinball 0.3.20201218-2 The Emilia Pinball Project strives to fulfill your needs for a great pinball game 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra pingus 0.7.6-2 A Lemmings clone, i.e. a level-based puzzle game. 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra pioneer 20240203-1 A game of lonely space adventure 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra pioneers 15.6-1 A clone of the famous 'Settlers of Catan'-game 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra pipewalker 0.9.4-1 Free and libre puzzle game in which you need to combine the components into a single circuit 2023-11-23
x86_64 Extra pong2 0.1.3-1 Free and libre remake of old arcade classic in OpenGL 2023-04-16
x86_64 Extra prboom 2.5.0-1 A free and libre game engine which provides a program to play Doom levels. 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra prboom-plus 2.6um-1 An advanced, vanilla-compatible Doom engine based on PrBoom 2022-09-19
x86_64 Extra ri-li 2.0.1-1 Drive a toy wood engine in many levels and collect all the coaches to win 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra scavenger 145.4-1 Free software 2D arcade/thinking game like Lode Runner 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra scorched3d 44-1 Free and libre 3D artillery game 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra sdl-ball 1.02-1 A free software breakout clone with pretty graphics 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra starfighter 2.3.3-1 Free and libre side-scrolling shoot 'em up space game 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra supertux 0.6.2-1 A classic, free and libre 2D jump'n'run sidescroller game 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra supertuxkart 1.2-3 Free software kart racing game 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra tecnoballz 0.93.1-1 Free and libre breaking block game 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra teeworlds 0.7.5-3 Fast-paced, free and libre multiplayer 2D shooter game 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra tomatoes 1.55-1 I Have No Tomatoes - free and libre tomatoes smashing game 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra tong 1.3-1 Tetris meets Pong, with more twists than a contortionist club's secret handshake 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra toppler 1.1.6-2 A classic, free and libre jump & run game in which you climb the rotating towers 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra torcs 1.3.7-3 A free and libre 3D racing cars simulator 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra trackballs 1.3.2-1 Simple game similar to the classical game Marble Madness on the Amiga in the 80's 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra trigger-rally Free and libre OpenGL rally car racing game 2024-04-12
x86_64 Extra tuxmath 2.0.3-1 An educational math tutorial game starring Tux, the GNU/Linux Penguin 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra tuxtype 1.8.3-1 An educational typing tutorial game starring Tux, the GNU/Linux Penguin 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra ufoai 2.5-1 In 'UFO: Alien Invasion' you fight aliens trying to capture Earth 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra ultimatestunts Free and libre stunt-racing game. 2024-01-15
any Extra vegastrike 0.8.0-1 Vega Strike - Free and libre space flight and trading simulator with realistic distances 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra vegastrike-engine 0.8.0-1 A free and libre engine for spaceflight simulations 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra warmux 11.04.1-3 Free and libre turn-based artillery game (formerly known as Wormux) 2024-02-02
x86_64 Extra warzone2100 3.3.0-4 3D realtime strategy game on a future Earth 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra warzone2100-legacy 2.3.9-3 3D realtime strategy game on a future Earth (legacy-version) 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra wesnoth 1:1.16.9-1 A turn-based strategy game on a fantasy world 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra wizznic 0.9.9-1 Free and libre implementation of the arcade classic Puzznic 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra wyrmsun-legacy 3.5.4-1 Real-time strategy game based on history, mythology and fiction (legacy version) 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra xboard 4.9.1-2 Free software graphical user interfaces for chess 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra xmahjongg 3.7-2 Mahjongg game for X 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra xmoto 0.6.2-1 A challenging, free and libre 2D motocross platform game, where physics have an important role 2024-03-12
x86_64 Extra zaz 1.0.0-1 Puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets 2024-01-15