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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
any Core licenses 20181108-1.hyperbola1 Standard licenses distribution package approved by FSF 2020-07-09
any Core lsb-release 1.4-14.hyperbola4 LSB version query program (Hyperbola rebranded) 2019-07-12
any Core man-pages 4.16-2.hyperbola1.backports1 Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system, without nonfree POSIX manual pages 2019-01-18
any Core pacman-mirrorlist 20190529-1.hyperbola1 Hyperbola mirror list for use by pacman 2019-05-29
any Core your-freedom 20200510-1 This package conflicts with every nonfree and nonsecurity package known to date to ensure your system is free and secure and remove support for protocols and services known to endanger privacy. 2020-05-10