Todo List: SDL 2 migration

2019-02-05 - Márcio Silva

As SDL 2 follows the same goals than our packaging guidelines in stability and security concerns, we have decided to remove SDL 1 and use SDL 2 as our default provider of multimedia hardware library.

Every linked packages needs to be rebuild. There will likely be broken packages.

It is a todo list of packages that either have a direct dependency on sdl* or link to libSDL*.so*

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
i686 Community abuse 0.8-8.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community abuse 0.8-8.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Community agg 2.5-8 Incomplete
x86_64 Community agg 2.5-8 Incomplete
i686 Community angband 4.0.5-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community angband 4.0.5-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Extra apricots 0.2.6-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra apricots 0.2.6-7 Incomplete
i686 Community armagetronad Incomplete
x86_64 Community armagetronad Incomplete
i686 Community asciiportal 1.3-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community asciiportal 1.3-2 Incomplete
i686 Community astromenace 1.3.2-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community astromenace 1.3.2-2 Incomplete
i686 Community barrage 1.0.4-4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community barrage 1.0.4-4 Incomplete
i686 Community bomberclone 0.11.9-5 Incomplete
x86_64 Community bomberclone 0.11.9-5 Incomplete
i686 Community btanks 0.9.8083-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community btanks 0.9.8083-7 Incomplete
i686 Extra bzflag 2.4.10-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra bzflag 2.4.10-1 Incomplete
i686 Community caph 1.1-4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community caph 1.1-4 Incomplete
i686 Community chromium-bsu 0.9.16-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community chromium-bsu 0.9.16-1 Incomplete
i686 Community clanlib 4.0.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community clanlib 4.0.0-2 Incomplete
i686 Community critter 1.0.2-9 Incomplete
x86_64 Community critter 1.0.2-9 Incomplete
i686 Community cuyo 1:2.1.0-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community cuyo 1:2.1.0-3 Incomplete
i686 Community desmume 0.9.11-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community desmume 0.9.11-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community dgen-sdl Incomplete
x86_64 Community dgen-sdl Incomplete
i686 Community directfb 1.7.7-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community directfb 1.7.7-2 Incomplete
i686 Community dopewars 1.5.12-8 Incomplete
x86_64 Community dopewars 1.5.12-8 Incomplete
i686 Community dosbox 0.74-7.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community dosbox 0.74-7.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community erlang-sdl 1.3.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community erlang-sdl 1.3.1-1 Incomplete
i686 Community fceux 2.2.3-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community fceux 2.2.3-1 Incomplete
i686 Community fillets-ng 1.0.1-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community fillets-ng 1.0.1-7 Incomplete
i686 Community flobopuyo 0.20-9 Incomplete
x86_64 Community flobopuyo 0.20-9 Incomplete
i686 Extra foobillard++ Incomplete
x86_64 Extra foobillard++ Incomplete
i686 Extra freeciv 2.5.6-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra freeciv 2.5.6-1 Incomplete
i686 Community freedroid 1.0.2-9 Incomplete
x86_64 Community freedroid 1.0.2-9 Incomplete
i686 Community freedroidrpg 0.16.1-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community freedroidrpg 0.16.1-2 Incomplete
any Community freevo 1.9.0-14 Incomplete
i686 Community gambas3-gb-sdl 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gambas3-gb-sdl 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community gambas3-gb-sdl-sound 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gambas3-gb-sdl-sound 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community gambas3-gb-sdl2 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gambas3-gb-sdl2 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community gambas3-gb-sdl2-audio 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gambas3-gb-sdl2-audio 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community gambatte-sdl r572-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gambatte-sdl r572-2 Incomplete
i686 Community gens Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib gens Incomplete
i686 Community gens-gs Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib gens-gs Incomplete
i686 Community gl-117 1.3.2-8 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gl-117 1.3.2-8 Incomplete
i686 Extra glhack 1.2-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra glhack 1.2-7 Incomplete
i686 Community glob2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community glob2 Incomplete
i686 Community gnujump 1.0.8-4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gnujump 1.0.8-4 Incomplete
i686 Community grafx2 2.6-2.hyperbola1.backports1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community grafx2 2.6-2.hyperbola1.backports1 Incomplete
i686 Community guichan 0.8.2-5 Incomplete
x86_64 Community guichan 0.8.2-5 Incomplete
i686 Community hedgewars 0.9.22-8.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community hedgewars 0.9.22-8.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community hex-a-hop 1.1.0-5.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community hex-a-hop 1.1.0-5.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community higan 106-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community higan 106-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Community instead 3.0.0-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community instead 3.0.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra kdenlive 17.04.0-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra kdenlive 17.04.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra kobodeluxe 0.5.1-6 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra kobodeluxe 0.5.1-6 Incomplete
i686 Community lbreakout2 2.6.5-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community lbreakout2 2.6.5-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-mpg123 1.23.8-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl 1.2.15-6.hyperbola3 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl2 2.0.5-2.hyperbola5 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl2_image 2.0.1-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl2_mixer 2.0.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl2_ttf 2.0.14-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl_image 1.2.12-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl_mixer 1.2.12-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-sdl_ttf 2.0.11-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-smpeg 0.4.5-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-smpeg2 2.0.0-2 Incomplete
i686 Extra libmpeg2 0.5.1-5 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libmpeg2 0.5.1-5 Incomplete
i686 Extra libvncserver 0.9.11-2.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libvncserver 0.9.11-2.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Community lincity-ng 2.0-8 Incomplete
x86_64 Community lincity-ng 2.0-8 Incomplete
i686 Community linuxconsole Incomplete
x86_64 Community linuxconsole Incomplete
i686 Community lmms 1.1.3-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community lmms 1.1.3-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community love08 0.8.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community love08 0.8.0-2 Incomplete
i686 Community ltris 1.0.19-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community ltris 1.0.19-2 Incomplete
i686 Community lua-sdl2 v2.0.3_4.0-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community lua-sdl2 v2.0.3_4.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Community manaplus Incomplete
x86_64 Community manaplus Incomplete
i686 Community mednafen 1.22.2-1.hyperbola2.backports1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community mednafen 1.22.2-1.hyperbola2.backports1 Incomplete
i686 Community meterbridge 0.9.2-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community meterbridge 0.9.2-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra mjpegtools 2.1.0-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mjpegtools 2.1.0-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra mlt 6.4.1-6 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mlt 6.4.1-6 Incomplete
i686 Extra mpg123 1.23.8-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mpg123 1.23.8-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community mupen64plus 2.5-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community mupen64plus 2.5-7 Incomplete
i686 Community oolite 1.84-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community oolite 1.84-3 Incomplete
i686 Extra openal 1.19.1-2.hyperbola3.backports1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra openal 1.19.1-2.hyperbola3.backports1 Incomplete
i686 Extra openal-examples 1.19.1-2.hyperbola3.backports1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra openal-examples 1.19.1-2.hyperbola3.backports1 Incomplete
any Community openshot 2.3.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community openttd 1.7.0-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community openttd 1.7.0-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community pcsxr 1.9.93-4 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib pcsxr 1.9.93-5 Incomplete
i686 Community pdcurses 3.4-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community pdcurses 3.4-7 Incomplete
i686 Extra perl-alien-sdl 1.446-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-alien-sdl 1.446-2 Incomplete
i686 Extra perl-sdl 2.546-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-sdl 2.546-3 Incomplete
i686 Community pingus 0.7.6-20 Incomplete
x86_64 Community pingus 0.7.6-20 Incomplete
i686 Community pokerth 1.1.1-17 Incomplete
x86_64 Community pokerth 1.1.1-17 Incomplete
i686 Community projectm 2.1.0-16.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community projectm 2.1.0-16.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community projectm-test 2.1.0-16.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community projectm-test 2.1.0-16.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra ptlib 2.10.11-6.hyperbola3 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra ptlib 2.10.11-6.hyperbola3 Incomplete
i686 Community pysol-sound-server 3.01-9 Incomplete
x86_64 Community pysol-sound-server 3.01-9 Incomplete
i686 Extra python2-pygame 1.9.3-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python2-pygame 1.9.3-1 Incomplete
i686 Community python2-pygame-sdl2 1:2.1.0.r328.ce2578c-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community python2-pygame-sdl2 1:2.1.0.r328.ce2578c-1 Incomplete
i686 Community qmc2 0.71-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community qmc2 0.71-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra qrencode 3.4.4-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra qrencode 3.4.4-1 Incomplete
i686 Community rocksndiamonds Incomplete
x86_64 Community rocksndiamonds Incomplete
i686 Community sasteroids 3.0.1-6 Incomplete
x86_64 Community sasteroids 3.0.1-6 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl 1.2.15-8.hyperbola8 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl 1.2.15-8.hyperbola8 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl2 2.0.5-3.hyperbola5 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2 2.0.5-3.hyperbola5 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl2_gfx 1:1.0.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_gfx 1:1.0.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl2_image 2.0.1-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_image 2.0.1-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl2_mixer 2.0.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_mixer 2.0.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl2_net 1:2.0.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_net 1:2.0.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl2_ttf 2.0.14-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_ttf 2.0.14-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl_gfx 2.0.26-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_gfx 2.0.26-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl_image 1.2.12-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_image 1.2.12-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl_mixer 1.2.12-5.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_mixer 1.2.12-5.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl_net 1.2.8-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_net 1.2.8-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl_pango 0.1.2-6.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_pango 0.1.2-6.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl_sound 1.0.3-6.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_sound 1.0.3-6.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra sdl_ttf 2.0.11-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_ttf 2.0.11-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community singularity 0.30c-8 Incomplete
i686 Community slimevolley 2.4.2-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community slimevolley 2.4.2-3 Incomplete
i686 Extra smpeg 0.4.5-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra smpeg 0.4.5-3 Incomplete
i686 Extra smpeg2 1:2.0.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra smpeg2 1:2.0.0-2 Incomplete
i686 Community spice-glib 0.33-4.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community spice-glib 0.33-4.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Community spice-gtk3 0.33-7.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community spice-gtk3 0.33-7.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Community springlobby 0.255-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community springlobby 0.255-3 Incomplete
i686 Community synfigstudio 1.2.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community synfigstudio 1.2.0-2 Incomplete
i686 Community tdfsb 0.0.10-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community tdfsb 0.0.10-7 Incomplete
i686 Community teeworlds 0.6.4-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community teeworlds 0.6.4-1 Incomplete
i686 Community tuxpaint 0.9.22-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community tuxpaint 0.9.22-2 Incomplete
i686 Community ufoai 2.5.0-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community ufoai 2.5.0-3 Incomplete
i686 Community uqm 0.7.0-4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community uqm 0.7.0-4 Incomplete
i686 Extra vlc 3.0.11-1.hyperbola1.backports1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra vlc 3.0.11-1.hyperbola1.backports1 Incomplete
i686 Community vor 0.5.7-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community vor 0.5.7-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community xen 4.8.4-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Community xmoto 0.5.11-6 Incomplete
x86_64 Community xmoto 0.5.11-6 Incomplete
i686 Community xwax 1.6-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community xwax 1.6-1 Incomplete
i686 Community zaz 1.0.0-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community zaz 1.0.0-7 Incomplete
i686 Community zsnes 1.51-19 Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib zsnes 1.51-19 Incomplete