Todo List: Mono removal

2019-11-02 - André Silva

Mono encourages nonfree software patents via the use of C# and was recommended by the community to be removed. Removal will also help keep our system more minimalist which helps in future development.

Further details:

The following packages have dependencies with mono:

* boo
* dbus-sharp
* fsharp
* gettext-mono
* gtk-sharp-2
* gtk-sharp-3
* ironpython
* keepass
* log4net
* mono-addins
* mono-basic
* mono-debugger
* mono-zeroconf
* nini
* nuget
* openbve
* openra
* taglib-sharp
* uwsgi-plugin-mono
* xsp
* avahi (optional)
* diffoscope (optional)
* graphviz (optional)
* haxe (optional)
* avahi (make)
* graphviz (make)
* gtk-sharp-2 (requires monodoc) (make)
* lib32-libappindicator (make)
* libappindicator (make)
* mod_proxy_uwsgi (make)
* python2-libappindicator (make)
* uwsgi (make)
* diffoscope (check)
* meson (check)

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47 packages displayed out of 47 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
i686 Extra avahi 0.6.32-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra avahi 0.6.32-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra boo Incomplete
x86_64 Extra boo Incomplete
any Extra dbus-sharp 0.8.1-1 Incomplete
i686 Community diffoscope 80-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community diffoscope 80-1 Incomplete
any Extra fsharp Incomplete
i686 Extra gettext-mono Incomplete
x86_64 Extra gettext-mono Incomplete
i686 Extra graphviz 2.40.1-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra graphviz 2.40.1-3 Incomplete
i686 Extra gtk-sharp-2 2.12.42-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra gtk-sharp-2 2.12.42-1 Incomplete
i686 Community gtk-sharp-3 2.99.3-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gtk-sharp-3 2.99.3-1 Incomplete
i686 Community haxe 3.4.2-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community haxe 3.4.2-1 Incomplete
any Community ironpython 2.7.5-3 Incomplete
any Community keepass 2.35-2 Incomplete
any Community log4net 2.0.8-1 Incomplete
any Extra meson 0.47.2-1.hyperbola3.backports1 Incomplete
i686 Community mod_proxy_uwsgi 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community mod_proxy_uwsgi 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
i686 Extra mono Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mono Incomplete
i686 Extra mono-addins 1.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mono-addins 1.1-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra mono-basic 4.0.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mono-basic 4.0.1-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra mono-debugger 2.10-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mono-debugger 2.10-3 Incomplete
any Extra mono-zeroconf 0.9.0-4 Incomplete
any Community nini 1.1.0-5 Incomplete
any Extra nuget 2.14-1 Incomplete
any Community openbve Incomplete
any Community openra 20170421-1 Incomplete
i686 Community python2-libappindicator 12.10.0-12 Incomplete
x86_64 Community python2-libappindicator 12.10.0-12 Incomplete
i686 Extra taglib-sharp Incomplete
x86_64 Extra taglib-sharp Incomplete
i686 Community uwsgi 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community uwsgi 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
i686 Community uwsgi-plugin-mono 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community uwsgi-plugin-mono 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
i686 Extra xsp 3.0.11-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra xsp 3.0.11-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete