Todo List: libdaemon removal

2019-05-27 - Márcio Silva

Useless ifplugd package, linux-libre kernel manages network interfaces automatically.

* avahi (see:
* ifplugd (remove)
* libdaemon (remove)
* libteam (libdaemon depends)
* netifrc (ifplugd optional depends)
* openrc-settingsd (remove)

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12 packages displayed out of 12 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
i686 Extra avahi 0.6.32-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra avahi 0.6.32-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra ifplugd Incomplete
x86_64 Extra ifplugd Incomplete
i686 Extra libdaemon 0.14-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libdaemon 0.14-3 Incomplete
i686 Extra libteam 1.26-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libteam 1.26-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Core netifrc 0.6.0-7.backports1 Incomplete
x86_64 Core netifrc 0.6.0-7.backports1 Incomplete
i686 Core openrc-settingsd Incomplete
x86_64 Core openrc-settingsd Incomplete