Todo List: Java removal

2019-02-06 - Márcio Silva

Removal reasons:
* Trademark: OpenJDK is trademarked and is not to be distributed without modification unless all branding is removed.
* Security: Java has been one of the most common infection vectors for GNU/Linux. Poor coding practices in JVM have resulted in many popular cross-platform exploits.
* Packaging Standards: All current PKGBUILDs that were inherited from Arch are "dirty" in the sense that they download various pre-compiled and pre-packaged binaries. These are a risk to our users. To properly build them requires several hundred additional PKGBUILDs and the time to rebuild Java from scratch. This would require considerable effort and is not currently feesable at this time.

Further details:
* Java security:
* Criticism of Java:
* OpenJDK Trademark Notice:
* Cat-v.ORG's article:

Rebuild without Java:
* anjuta /usr/share/anjuta/templates/java/src/
* arduino (needs rebuild firmware - Wifi101)
* awstats
* bazel
* bigloo /usr/bin/jigloo.class
* bison /usr/share/bison/
* cordova
* dart
* elasticsearch (build with other language:
* emscripten
* erlang
* erlang-nox
* facter /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/facter.jar
* fpc-src
* gambas3-ide
* geany
* gettext /usr/share/gettext/javaversion.class
* gitlab /usr/share/webapps/gitlab/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/http_parser.rb-0.6.0/ext/ruby_http_parser/vendor/http-parser-java/ext/primitives.jar
* gpsbabel
* kdelibs /usr/share/apps/kjava/kjava.jar
* khtml /usr/share/kf5/kjava/kjava.jar
* kodi-dev /usr/share/doc/kodi/kodi-eventclients-dev/examples/java/
* kompozer
* kompozer-i18n-*
* lazarus /usr/lib/lazarus/examples/androidlcl/android/src/com/pascal/lcltest/
* libbluray /usr/share/java/libbluray-j2se-1.0.0.jar
* libjpeg-turbo /usr/share/classes/turbojpeg.jar
* libreoffice-still
* libreoffice-still-l10n-*
* libreoffice-still-sdk
* metasploit
* moinmoin
* nim /usr/share/nim/doc/examples/cross_calculator/android/src/com/github/nimrod/crosscalculator/
* nodejs-emojione
* pfff
* phonegap
* polymake /usr/lib/polymake/jars/polymake_java.jar
* portmidi /usr/share/java/pmdefaults.jar
* python2-pygame /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pygame/examples/macosx/aliens_app_example/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib/
* qbs
* qt5-examples /usr/share/doc/qt/examples/androidextras/notification/android-sources/src/org/qtproject/example/notification/
* qtcreator /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/files/java/
* r /usr/share/R/java/getsp.class
* rubinius (json)
* ruby (json)
* ruby-eventmachine
* ruby-hitimes
* ruby-nio4r
* ruby2.3
* sage-notebook /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sagenb/data/sage3d/lib/sage3d.jar
* source-highlight
* spring
* subversion /usr/lib/svn-javahl/svn-javahl.jar
* texlive-core
* texlive-htmlxml /usr/share/texmf-dist/tex4ht/bin/tex4ht.jar
* texlive-latexextra /usr/share/texmf-dist/scripts/pax/pax.jar
* umbrello /usr/share/umbrello5/headings/
* unifi (needs rebuild firmware - nonfree?)
* vagrant (erubis)
* vtk /usr/share/java/vtk/vtk.jar
* vtk6 (replace with vtk) /opt/vtk6/share/java/vtk/vtk.jar
* wxpython /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/Editra/tests/syntax/
* xmlstarlet
* zsh /usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion/Unix/_java
* zsh-completions /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/_archlinux-java

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380 packages displayed out of 380 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
i686 Extra anjuta Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra anjuta Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra antlr2-java Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra antlr2-java Complete Emulatorman
any Extra antlr4 Complete Emulatorman
any Extra apache-ant Complete Emulatorman
any Community apache-ant-contrib 1.0b3-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community apache-ivy 2.4.0-2 Incomplete
i686 Community arduino Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Community arduino Complete Emulatorman
any Community args4j 2.33-2 Incomplete
any Community awstats 7.6-1 Incomplete
i686 Community bazel 0.4.5-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community bazel 0.4.5-1 Incomplete
any Extra bcprov Complete Emulatorman
any Extra beanshell Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra bigloo 4.3a-1.hyperbola2 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra bigloo 4.3a-1.hyperbola2 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Core bison 3.0.4-2.hyperbola2 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Core bison 3.0.4-2.hyperbola2 Complete Emulatorman
any Community bt747 Complete Emulatorman
any Extra cglib Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community classpath 0.99-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community classpath 0.99-3 Incomplete
any Community clojure 1.8.0-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community closure-compiler 20170409-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community cordova Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community dart 1.23.0-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community dart 1.23.0-1 Incomplete
any Community dguitar 0.5.8-6 Incomplete
any Community ditaa 0.10-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community docbook-xsl-saxon 1.00-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra easymock Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra eclipse-common Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra eclipse-common Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra eclipse-cpp Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra eclipse-cpp Complete Emulatorman
any Extra eclipse-ecj Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra eclipse-java Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra eclipse-java Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra eclipse-jee Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra eclipse-jee Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra eclipse-php Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra eclipse-php Complete Emulatorman
any Community elasticsearch 5.4.0-2.hyperbola4 Incomplete
i686 Community emscripten Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Community emscripten Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community erlang 19.3-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community erlang 19.3-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community erlang-nox 19.3-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community erlang-nox 19.3-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community esmska 1.9-2 Incomplete
i686 Community facter 3.6.2-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community facter 3.6.2-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community fontbox 1.8.12-1 Incomplete
any Community fop 2.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community fpc-src 3.0.2-1 Incomplete
any Community freecol 0.11.6-2 Incomplete
any Community freemind 1.0.1-3 Incomplete
i686 Community gambas3-ide 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gambas3-ide 3.9.2-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community geany 1.30.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community geany 1.30.1-1 Incomplete
i686 Core gettext Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Core gettext Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community gitlab Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Community gitlab Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community gpsbabel 1.5.4-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gpsbabel 1.5.4-2 Incomplete
any Community gradle 3.4.1-1 Incomplete
any Community gradle-doc 3.4.1-1 Incomplete
any Community gradle-src 3.4.1-1 Incomplete
any Community grails 3.2.8-1 Incomplete
any Community grails-docs 3.2.8-1 Incomplete
any Community groovy 2.4.11-1 Incomplete
any Community groovy-docs 2.4.10-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra icedtea-web Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra icedtea-web Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra icedtea-web-doc Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra icedtea-web-doc Complete Emulatorman
any Community intellij-idea-community-edition 2:2017.1.2-1 Incomplete
any Community interlis-compiler 4.2.0-4 Incomplete
any Community jadx 0.6.1-1 Incomplete
any Extra jakarta-oro Complete Emulatorman
any Extra jakarta-regexp Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-activation-gnu Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-animal-sniffer Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-asm Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-asm2 Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-asm3 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community java-atk-wrapper 0.33.2-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community java-atk-wrapper 0.33.2-1 Incomplete
any Community java-avalon-framework 4.2.0-7.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community java-avalon-logkit 2.1-1 Incomplete
any Community java-batik 1.8-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra java-bcel Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-commons-bsf2 Complete Emulatorman
any Community java-commons-cli 1.3.1-1 Incomplete
any Extra java-commons-codec Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra java-commons-daemon Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra java-commons-daemon Complete Emulatorman
any Community java-commons-httpclient 3.1-1 Incomplete
any Extra java-commons-io Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-commons-lang Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-commons-logging Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-commons-net1 Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-cup Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-environment-common Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-geronimo-jms Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-gnumail Complete Emulatorman
any Community java-gson 2.8.0-2 Incomplete
any Community java-guava 19.0-2 Incomplete
any Extra java-hamcrest Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-inetlib Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-jarjar Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-jdepend Complete Emulatorman
any Community java-jdom1 1.1.3-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra java-jline Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-jsch Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra java-jsvc Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra java-jsvc Complete Emulatorman
any Community java-naga 3.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra java-openjfx Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra java-openjfx Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra java-openjfx-doc Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra java-openjfx-doc Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra java-openjfx-src Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra java-openjfx-src Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-ow-util-ant-tasks 1.3.2-5 Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-qdox Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-resolver Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-rhino Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-runtime-common Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community java-rxtx Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Community java-rxtx Complete Emulatorman
any Extra java-xml-commons-external Complete Emulatorman
any Community java-xmlgraphics-commons 2.1-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra javamail Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community javasqlite 20150419-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community javasqlite 20150419-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra jdk7-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra jdk7-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra jdk8-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra jdk8-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
any Community jedit 5.4.0-3.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community jericho-html 3.3-1 Incomplete
any Extra jh Complete Emulatorman
any Extra jlex Complete Emulatorman
any Extra jmock Complete Emulatorman
any Extra jna Complete Emulatorman
any Community josm 12039-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra jre7-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra jre7-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra jre7-openjdk-headless Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra jre7-openjdk-headless Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra jre8-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra jre8-openjdk Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra jre8-openjdk-headless Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra jre8-openjdk-headless Complete Emulatorman
any Community jruby Incomplete
any Community jsr305 0.1-2 Incomplete
any Extra junit Complete Emulatorman
any Community jython 2.7.1-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra kdelibs 4.14.31-1.hyperbola3 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra kdelibs 4.14.31-1.hyperbola3 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra khtml 5.33.0-1.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra khtml 5.33.0-1.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community kodi-dev Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Community kodi-dev Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community kompozer 0.8b3-19 Incomplete
x86_64 Community kompozer 0.8b3-19 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-ca 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-cs 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-da 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-de 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-eo 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-es-es 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-fi 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-fr 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-hsb 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-hu 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-it 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-ja 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-ko 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-lt 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-nl 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-pl 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-pt-br 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-pt-pt 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-ru 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-sl 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-uk 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-zh-cn 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kompozer-i18n-zh-tw 0.8b3-1 Incomplete
any Community kotlin 1.1.2-1 Incomplete
any Community languagetool 3.7-1 Incomplete
i686 Community lazarus 1.6.4-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community lazarus 1.6.4-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra libbluray 1.0.0-1.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra libbluray 1.0.0-1.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra libgda-jdbc Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra libgda-jdbc Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1-1.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1-1.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
any Community libreoffice-extension-writer2latex 1.4-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra libreoffice-still 5.2.7-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libreoffice-still 5.2.7-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-am 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ar 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ast 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-bg 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-bn 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-bn-in 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-bo 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-bs 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ca 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ca-valencia 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-cs 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-da 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-de 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-dz 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-el 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-en-gb 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-en-za 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-eo 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-es 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-et 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-eu 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-fi 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-fr 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-gl 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-gu 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-he 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-hi 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-hr 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-hu 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-id 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-is 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-it 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ja 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ka 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-km 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ko 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-lo 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-lt 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-lv 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-mk 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-nb 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ne 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-nl 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-nn 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-om 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-pl 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-pt 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-pt-br 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ro 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ru 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-si 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-sid 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-sk 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-sl 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-sq 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-sv 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ta 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-tg 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-tr 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-ug 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-uk 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-vi 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-zh-cn 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Extra libreoffice-still-l10n-zh-tw 5.2.7-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Extra libreoffice-still-sdk 5.2.7-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libreoffice-still-sdk 5.2.7-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
any Extra log4j-1.2 Complete Emulatorman
any Extra maven Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community metasploit 4.13.22-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community metasploit 4.13.22-1 Incomplete
any Extra mockito Complete Emulatorman
any Community moinmoin 1.9.9-2 Incomplete
i686 Community nim 0.16.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community nim 0.16.0-2 Incomplete
any Community nodejs-emojione Complete Emulatorman
any Extra objenesis Complete Emulatorman
any Community openfire 4.1.4-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra openjdk7-doc Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra openjdk7-doc Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra openjdk7-src Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra openjdk7-src Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra openjdk8-doc Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra openjdk8-doc Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra openjdk8-src Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra openjdk8-src Complete Emulatorman
any Community pdfsam 3.3.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Community pfff 0.29-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community pfff 0.29-7 Incomplete
i686 Community phonegap Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Community phonegap Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community polymake 3.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community polymake 3.1-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra portmidi 217-5.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra portmidi 217-5.hyperbola1 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community processing 3.3.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community processing 3.3.1-1 Incomplete
any Community proguard 5.3-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community protobuf-java 3.0.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra python2-pygame 1.9.3-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python2-pygame 1.9.3-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra qbs 1.7.2-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra qbs 1.7.2-1 Incomplete
any Extra qt5-examples 5.8.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra qtcreator 4.2.2-3.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra qtcreator 4.2.2-3.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Extra r 3.4.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra r 3.4.0-2 Incomplete
any Extra rhino Complete Emulatorman
any Extra rhino-javadoc Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Community rubinius Complete Emulatorman
i686 Extra ruby 2.4.1-3.hyperbola4 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra ruby 2.4.1-3.hyperbola4 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community ruby-eventmachine 1.2.3-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community ruby-eventmachine 1.2.3-2.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community ruby-hitimes 1.2.4-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community ruby-hitimes 1.2.4-3 Incomplete
i686 Community ruby-nio4r 2.0.0-3 Incomplete
x86_64 Community ruby-nio4r 2.0.0-3 Incomplete
i686 Community ruby2.3 2.3.4-2.hyperbola2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community ruby2.3 2.3.4-2.hyperbola2 Incomplete
any Community sage-notebook Complete Emulatorman
any Community saxon6 6.5.5-1.hyperbola1 Incomplete
any Community sbt 1:0.13.13-1 Incomplete
any Community scala 2.12.2-1 Incomplete
any Community scala-docs 2.12.2-1 Incomplete
any Community scala-sources 2.12.2-1 Incomplete
any Extra slf4j Complete Emulatorman
any Community smali 2.2.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra source-highlight 3.1.8-11 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra source-highlight 3.1.8-11 Incomplete
i686 Community spring 103.0-5 Incomplete
x86_64 Community spring 103.0-5 Incomplete
i686 Extra subversion 1.9.5-2.hyperbola4 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra subversion 1.9.5-2.hyperbola4 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community sweethome3d 5.4-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community sweethome3d 5.4-2 Incomplete
i686 Extra swt Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra swt Complete Emulatorman
any Extra texlive-core 2016.43757-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
any Extra texlive-htmlxml 2016.43769-1 Incomplete
any Extra texlive-latexextra 2016.43768-1.hyperbola2 Incomplete
i686 Extra tomcat-native Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra tomcat-native Complete Emulatorman
any Extra tomcat7 Complete Emulatorman
any Extra tomcat8 Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community tuxguitar 1.4-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community tuxguitar 1.4-2 Incomplete
i686 Extra umbrello 17.04.0-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra umbrello 17.04.0-1 Incomplete
any Community umleditor 3.6.0-1 Incomplete
any Community umlet 14.2-1 Incomplete
any Community unifi 5.4.15-1 Incomplete
i686 Community uwsgi-plugin-jvm 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
x86_64 Community uwsgi-plugin-jvm 2.0.15-1.hyperbola4 Incomplete
i686 Community vagrant 2.0.2-2.hyperbola1.backports1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community vagrant 2.0.2-2.hyperbola1.backports1 Incomplete
i686 Extra visualvm Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra visualvm Complete Emulatorman
any Community vncviewer-jar 1.3.10-4.hyperbola1 Incomplete
i686 Community vtk 7.1.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community vtk 7.1.1-1 Incomplete
i686 Community vtk6 6.3.0-5 Incomplete
x86_64 Community vtk6 6.3.0-5 Incomplete
i686 Extra wxpython Incomplete
x86_64 Extra wxpython Incomplete
any Extra xalan-java Complete Emulatorman
any Extra xerces2-java Complete Emulatorman
i686 Community xmlstarlet 1.6.1-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community xmlstarlet 1.6.1-1 Incomplete
any Community zaproxy 2.6.0-1 Incomplete
i686 Extra zsh 5.3.1-2.hyperbola2 Complete Emulatorman
x86_64 Extra zsh 5.3.1-2.hyperbola2 Complete Emulatorman
any Community zsh-completions 0.24.0-1 Incomplete