Todo List: Add "s6" as an alternative service management

2019-05-30 - Márcio Silva

Add "s6" as an alternative service management (Add s6-base group):
* bcnm
* pamela
* execline
* s6 {s6,s6-log,s6-sudo}
* s6-dns
* s6-linux-init (init for GNU/Linux)
* s6-linux-utils {s6-linux-utils,s6-chroot,s6-hostname,s6-ps} (coreutils chroot, inetutils hostname, procps-ng ps and util-linux mount/swapon/swapoff/umount)
* s6-networking
* s6-portable-utils {s6-portable-utils,s6-grep,s6-rename} (most software for coreutils, grep and util-linux rename)
* s6-rc
* skabus
* skalibs
* utmps
* nsss

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