Site Maintenance

We apologize for the website and mailing list down-time which is still affecting some regions. Our hosting and DNS provider, Gandi, has recently raised many privacy concerns and is demanding Photo ID to continue using their services. As such, we are changing our web hosting provider to a more privacy conscience one,

We have already migrated the domain name, but Gandi is still serving a stale DNSSEC record that is causing an issue with some name servers. We have requested they finish allowing us to transfer the domain and stop serving the false DNSSEC records to resolve this issue. Until this issue is resolved, our mail server and ability to receive messages has also been affected.

This has caused some delay in our release for v0.3, but we still have intent to ship early to mid September once all services have been migrated. This will ensure a stable update without further interruptions.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.