Iceape-UXP becomes stable replaces Iceape

After several weeks of work and testing, we hearby announce the first stable release of Iceape-UXP, a classic suite based on SeaMonkey. While our primary focus remains Icedove-UXP, and Iceweasel-UXP, users that have requested a stable suite may now enjoy using it.

Several long-standing SeaMonkey bugs have been patched in this release including some security and crash fixes.

We would also like to thank the Unified XUL Platform development team for their diligent development of the Goanna engine, which makes Iceape-UXP possible.

Some of the new application features:

Note: SeaMonkey addons may not be compatible with Iceape-UXP but can be backported, please make your requests on our issue tracker.