HyperbolaBSD is an operating-system and not a system-distribution

While we are nearing now the first states for HyperbolaBSD compiling the kernel and first work will go into the userland, we like to inform that HyperbolaBSD is a complete operating-system and not a distribution / system-distribution. We will remove at an upcoming point many more packages from extra-repository, leaving only most important applications, window-managers and more. Others being added will be left out, removed and saved within an own ports-tree for the future, such as many BSD descendant projects, for example OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD.

That maybe not the vision many have or had, but it is the point given for a further difference: HyperbolaBSD is a free and libre system, but not distributing more and more packages. So please keep an eye at the repositories to come, especially when it comes towards version 0.4.4 as we will do those steps starting there.

For more details look also at the roadmap.

Now we won't implement more packages besides the planned for release 0.4.3. If you like, please prepare a port on your own sharing for the community. It can be later part for the ports-tree. Please always remember: HyperbolaBSD will be a new BSD descendant system project, not a system-distribution any longer.