Hyperbola is finally here

After a month of seeking a good VPS to host our project, the Hyperbola team is proud to announce you that we have one from Gandi. That's really good news since we have more freedom and security to begin our libre long-term support distro now.

This website runs archweb (via django), the so-called hyperweb, which has been modded and set up by coadde. For now, wiki, issues tracker and mailing lists are still under construction.

We also have a git server and our repos hosted here, which is pretty cool.

Meanwhile, we are migrating all coadde and Emulatorman packages in AUR and Parabola to our repos to complete the system. Since our distro is a long-term one, it will be based on 2017-05-08 snapshot of Arch plus the current Debian patches and stability.

For now, it is our current state in Testing version for the first version of Stable one:

  • All libre Arch packages were synced to our repos.

  • All coadde and Emulatorman packages are being adapted with Debian security, stability patches and improvements.

  • We have [core] and [multilib] 100% done, [extra] 90% and [community] with 60%.

For the first version of Stable one, our goal is complete our system importing the remaining coadde and Emulatorman packages with improvements (security and stability from Debian patches).

The next version we will have plans to do the same with all packages in [core], the next one with [extra] and then with [community] to reach the total stability for the Old-Stable version and then begin with the next snapshot development.

Our main site seems to be working properly, and we think that you, Hyperbola users will enjoy it. Have fun.

"Time for Hyperbola to open up its wings!"