Group Details - kf5 (i686)

16 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Extra extra-cmake-modules 5.82.0-1 Extra modules and scripts for CMake 2021-06-12
i686 Extra karchive 5.78.0-1 Qt addon providing access to numerous types of archives 2021-07-25
i686 Extra kcompletion 5.78.0-2 Text completion helpers and widgets 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kconfig 5.78.0-2 KF5 Configuration system 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kcoreaddons 5.78.0-2 Addons to QtCore 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kcrash 5.78.0-1 Support for application crash analysis and bug report from apps 2021-07-25
i686 Extra kdoctools 5.78.0-1 Documentation generation from docbook 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kguiaddons 5.78.0-2 Addons to QtGui 2021-07-30
i686 Extra ki18n 5.78.0-1 Advanced internationalization framework 2021-07-25
i686 Extra kimageformats 5.78.0-1 Image format plugins for Qt 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kitemmodels 5.78.0-2 Models for Qt Model/View system 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kitemviews 5.78.0-2 Widget addons for Qt Model/View 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kwidgetsaddons 5.78.0-2 Addons to QtWidgets 2021-07-30
i686 Extra kwindowsystem 5.78.0-1 Access to the windowing system 2021-07-25
i686 Extra sonnet 5.82.0-1 Spelling framework for Qt 2022-09-20
i686 Extra syntax-highlighting 5.78.0-1 Syntax highlighting engine for structured text and code 2022-09-20