rsyslog 8.26.0-1.hyperbola5

Architecture: i686
Repository: Community
Description: An enhanced multi-threaded syslogd with a focus on security and reliability, with libressl and OpenRC support
Upstream URL:
License(s): GPL-3
Provides: logger
Maintainers: Orphan
Package Size: 474.0 kB
Installed Size: 1.9 MB
Last Packager: HyperBuilder <>
Build Date: 2019-03-28 01:27 UTC
Signed By: Unknown (0xE1AC7510)
Signature Date: 2019-03-28 02:47 UTC
Last Updated: 2019-03-28 06:00 UTC

Dependencies (17)

Required By (54)

  • bitlbee (requires logger)
  • exim (requires logger)
  • fail2ban (requires logger)
  • acpid (requires logger) (optional)
  • apache (requires logger) (optional)
  • at (requires logger) (optional)
  • bind (requires logger) (optional)
  • ceph (requires logger) (optional)
  • clamav (requires logger) (optional)
  • cronie (requires logger) (optional)
  • dhcp (requires logger) (optional)
  • dhcpcd (requires logger) (optional)
  • dhcpcd-hardened-script (requires logger) (optional)
  • dnscrypt-proxy (requires logger) (optional)
  • dnsmasq (requires logger) (optional)
  • drbd-utils (requires logger) (optional)
  • dropbear (requires logger) (optional)
  • fcron (requires logger) (optional)
  • gammu (requires logger) (optional)
  • git (requires logger) (optional)
  • gpm (requires logger) (optional)
  • gssproxy (requires logger) (optional)
  • haveged (requires logger) (optional)
  • hostapd (requires logger) (optional)
  • inetutils (requires logger) (optional)
  • keepalived (requires logger) (optional)
  • lighttpd (requires logger) (optional)
  • lm_sensors (requires logger) (optional)
  • mailman (requires logger) (optional)
  • mariadb (requires logger) (optional)
  • mdadm (requires logger) (optional)
  • ndisc6 (requires logger) (optional)
  • net-snmp (requires logger) (optional)
  • networkmanager (requires logger) (optional)
  • nginx (requires logger) (optional)
  • nsd (requires logger) (optional)
  • ntp (requires logger) (optional)
  • offlineimap (requires logger) (optional)
  • opendht (requires logger) (optional)
  • openntpd (requires logger) (optional)
  • openssh (requires logger) (optional)
  • openvpn (requires logger) (optional)
  • openvswitch-lts (requires logger) (optional)
  • postfix (requires logger) (optional)
  • postgresql (requires logger) (optional)
  • ppp (requires logger) (optional)
  • radvd (requires logger) (optional)
  • redis (requires logger) (optional)
  • salt (requires logger) (optional)
  • tuntox (requires logger) (optional)
  • unbound (requires logger) (optional)
  • vsftpd (requires logger) (optional)
  • wpa_supplicant (requires logger) (optional)
  • znc (requires logger) (optional)