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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
any Extra iceweasel-uxp-ematrix 3.1.4-3 Fork of uMatrix, a browser extension to block/allow list requests for Iceweasel-UXP 2023-04-16
any Extra iceweasel-uxp-noscript 5.1.9-1 Extension for Iceweasel-UXP which disables script 2022-09-17
any Extra iceweasel-uxp-ublock-origin-legacy An efficient blocker add-on for Iceweasel-UXP. Fast, potent and lean - Legacy version 2022-09-17
any Extra iceweasel-uxp-urlrewriter 2.8.4-1 Fork of an old version of Einar Egilsson's Redirector extension 2022-09-17